As recommended by our industry body IFEDA (The Independent Fire Engineering & Distributors Association), we are advising customers that if they want to postpone any Fire Alarm service visits and weekly bell tests that we strongly suggest gaining written confirmation that this is acceptable from their insurance provider.

If customers ask us to postpone a service visit, then they are likely going outside of the maintenance requirements under British Standards. This is why we are advising approval from your insurance provider as if the worse does happen there is a concern that they would refuse to payout due to the maintenance and testing schedule of the system not being kept up to date.

Health and safety are always at the forefront of our minds and underpins everything we do in our industry and so we would like to remind property managers of their continuing obligations under current legislation to maintain fire protection systems and equipment, but obviously, during the current pandemic, this brings additional challenges and considerations.

We have already developed rigorous best working practices in these trying times so we’d urge all clients to contact us when their servicing is required to discuss how we can work to ensure you’re on-going compliance.